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Cyber risks insurance is designed to support and protect your business if it experiences a data breach or is the subject of an attack by a malicious hacker that affects its computer systems. It provides comprehensive cover, simplicity, reputation protection and a trusted partner in the event of a claim.

You can choose from different levels of cover to ensure you get the right protection for your business. When working out the amount of cover you need, you should consider:

  • The amount and type of confidential, personal or sensitive data you hold
  • The size of your business
  • Your dependence on computer systems

If you hold customer data such as names, addresses or banking information, or if your business is dependent on or uses computer systems as part of its activities, then it is important to understand the impact of a data breach, interruption to your systems or a claim for failing to keep customers’ personal data secure. It could come as a result of a lost laptop or memory stick, a hacker attack or an email sent to the wrong person. How would your business react; would it be able to cope? With cyber insurance cover your business would get the practical support it needs to get to the root of a problem and the security of knowing that losses and costs would be covered.

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Specialist cover against targeted cyber attacks

With an increasing number of cyber criminals actively targeting small businesses, a security breach could have disastrous consequences. A targeted attack that takes down your website, wipes business-critical data or steals your customer’s personal information could have severe consequences for your business.

Our specialist cyber liability insurance has been tailored to protect you against a multitude of risks following a targeted cyber attack, as well as covering you for:

  • The costs of restoring data and equipment
  • Informing clients
  • Meeting ransom demands
  • Loss of your net profit
  • Your legal defence costs and damages you are legally liable to pay to other parties

As businesses become ever more reliant on technology, the risk of suffering a loss related to problems with computer systems or holding sensitive customer data continues to grow. It could be that your business holds personal information on clients or customers, including names, addresses and banks details. Maybe your systems and data are held on physical servers or in the cloud. Or perhaps you are reliant on a website for the running of your business. Damage or unauthorised access to any of these could lead to reputation damage and legal or regulatory costs.

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How we help our clients

We work with companies to fully understand their business processes making us better equipped to identify the potential risk issues. We do this by understanding the risk profile of a company, selecting the right insurer who fully understand the risk profile, ensuring that the policy wordings are correct and fully understood and provide a professional approach, leading an underwriter to provide cover at a reduced premium due to the way the risk has been presented.

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We was referred to Riverdale Insurance by a third party company. We have never looked back since, because the service and insurance coverage that they have afforded us surpasses any that a competitor can meet. Riverdale Insurance is an outstanding company.

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