Directors & Officers Insurance

Many people mistakenly believe that as a director of a limited company, they have no personal liability in regard to their corporate actions.

The truth is that while most corporate bodies are protected through public liability and other insurances, the individuals within the company are often unprotected: particularly where they have acted without proper authority or breached any part of the Companies Act, however inadvertently.

Claims and proceedings where personal liability can be involved also typically include:

  • Claims by investors and shareholders who blame directors personally for their losses
  • Actions brought by liquidators, where they suspect wrongful trading or incorrect payments to creditors
  • Actions brought by HMRC where insolvent trading or misappropriation of tax payments is suspected
  • HSE investigations where negligence is suspected
  • Police and SFO investigations where fraud is suspected

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Broadly speaking, personal claims or proceedings against directors or officers can arise from any decision made, or act carried out, in the workplace however innocuous it may have seemed at the time.