Locum insurance

Our locum insurance protects you financially after illness or accident. Tailor your cover – including jury service, suspension, maternity/ paternity leave – to get a cash sum for you or key staff in the practice.

  • jury service
  • full winter sports
  • delayed return from holiday
  • partial disablement benefit
  • stress and depression
  • weekly benefit up to £3500
  • maternity, paternity and adoption benefit
  • worldwide cover
  • suspension benefit
  • bereavement cover
  • family emergency benefit
  • capital benefits available

Our locum expenses insurance for GP practices is available for partners, salaried GPs, practice managers and other key practice staff either on an individual or group basis and provides financial benefit following accidental injury or as a result of sickness which prevents a return to work. Discounts are offered on policies covering three or more people.

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With our practice expenses insurance for dentists and healthcare professionals, as well as loss of personal drawings, in the event of accidental injury or sickness we will cover the cost of rent, business rates and finance such as hire of equipment, salaries and other routine practice overheads that need to be paid.