Medical malpractice

With medical malpractice cover from Riverdale Insurance your confidence increases, knowing we can help protect you and your employees. This is a taster of our range of covers for our clients and is not exhaustive.

  • care: nursing and children’s homes, family planning centres, foster caring agencies and nursing agencies
  • health and beauty: beauty therapists, aesthetic beauty, first-aiders, paramedics, health and fitness gyms
  • complementary medicine: massage therapists, naturopathy, nutritionists and reflexologists.

Key Benefits:

  • Cover will indemnify you for both the legal costs of defending an action and any subsequent damages
  • Cover is provided for bodily injury, mental injury, illness, disease or death arising from you business activities, or as a result of a good Samaritan act
  • We will work on your behalf, to minimise the cost of a covered liability and any potentially damaging consequences (e.g. damaged relationship and/ or time consuming litigation), through our proactive mitigation measures
  • The policy includes cover for a claim against you due to the dishonesty of your individual partners, directors, employees or self employed freelancers directly contracted to you and under your supervision Upon request, cover can be provided for medical related professional indemnity

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In addition to our basic cover, our policy includes defence costs – including investigation to settle or defend a claim against you for malpractice including mental injury and good Samaritan acts and dishonesty of partners, directors or employees.