Minibus insurance

Anyone using a minibus needs to ensure they have the right insurance cover in place, with a multi-seat vehicle such as a minibus, which will usually be used for carrying staff or clients it is absolutely critical that it is fully insured just in case an accident occurs and passengers are injured.

There are many different companies in a wide range of varying industries who use a minibus as part of their day to day business, some of the most common businesses who require are: groundworkers, charities, cleaning companies, agricultural businesses, building workers, construction companies and many, many more.

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As well as making sure a business minibus has the correct type of minibus insurance in place it is also vital that only responsible people who hold the correct type of minibus driving licence are allowed to drive the vehicle, failure to do so could not only result in prosecution and possible disqualification for the driver but could also significantly increase the chances of an accident happening.