Our Faithsure facility is the leading Mosque Insurance scheme where we have in-house authority to quote for Mosque Insurance on behalf of one of the UK’s largest insurance companies by our technical in-house mosque insurance experts

  • In-House direct facility exclusive to Riverdale Insurance for your Mosque Insurance via our Faithsure scheme
  • Free Advice given by our Mosque Insurance team for your Mosque, Madrasah or Faith School.
  • Financially A rated insurer via our facility to protect your Mosque for its insurance should the worst happen.
  • You will know you are supported by the leading Muslim Insurance expert on the sector.
  • We have the direct relationship with your underwriter for your mosque insurance.

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The Mosque community is often vulnerable to specific risks that must be managed and diligently monitored to ensure the protection of the Mosque, congregation, wider community and property.

Risks in the Mosque Insurance sector include:

Abuse and sexual molestation
Theft and Burglary
Protecting staff and volunteers
Protecting relics from damage or loss

Mosque insurance products can include:

Faith Insurance Business Pack
Industrial Special Risk Insurance
Management Liability Insurance
General Public and Products Liability Insurance
Sexual Abuse Cover

As experts in Mosque insurance, we have the experience and understanding to provide the best level of protection for you, those in your care, and your property.

We understand where you may be vulnerable in your organisation and will provide you with the right insurance solution.