Riverdale’s Appointed Representatives

Simple and scalable solutions for Insurance Appointed Representatives

Have you ever thought of becoming an insurance broker, but have been put off by the thought of having to manage FCA compliance, establish agencies with insurers and creating your own administration systems? You should consider becoming an Appointed Representative of Riverdale.

What is an Insurance Appointed Representative?

An Appointed Representative (you) acts as an agent for the Principal firm (Riverdale). The Appointed Representative conducts the regulated activity – selling insurance – on behalf of the Principal.

The high level of expertise in the broking team and access to a broad range of insurers and products means that our Appointed Representatives are able to provide their clients with a high level of service.

Riverdale is a finalist at the UK Broker Awards 2017. Riverdale is unique in that in addition to insurer deals we also have in house delegated authority binders.


Regulation for an Appointed Representative

At Riverdale we will work with you to complete the due diligence and compliance targets needed to become a successful Appointed Representative. The FCA capital adequacy requirement is also met by Riverdale so the only capital required by the Appointed Representative is that needed to run the insurance brokerage.

As well as providing guidance, Riverdale looks after the following areas on behalf of its Appointed Representatives:

  • Governance: we provide a framework for your business to operate within.
  • Client money handling
  • IT/systems: We have selected Acturis as offering the best service and functionality for our Partners and we provide access to this as part of our service.
  • FCA reporting
  • Insurer Agencies including specialist markets exclusive to the group
  • Expertise in having access to proven business leaders and industry experts


The Riverdale Route

We look to work in partnerships with our AR’s. You are experienced in looking after your clients and if anything just want to ensure your principle can deliver on the high standards you have set yourself, that is where Riverdale come in.

As we only take on experienced appointed representatives or professionals within the industry, our markets are aware of this and that is why immediately your relationship will differ with the insurer markets compared to the standard AR Networks preferred placement strategy.

Our view has always been to keep AR’s options simple so they can focus on the scalability of their own business and deliver on their own targets.

We believe we can help you:

  • Convert more business
  • Retain and create growth from your existing client base
  • Develop your schemes
  • Assist in staffing and organic business growth issues


Contact us in confidence today on 0161 241 5241 or you can email AR@riverdaleinsurance.co.uk